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Rachel J. - UES

Words truly cannot describe how highly I would recommend hiring Jeanette Rosner from RubyMax Events. From the moment we started discussions about my daughter’s bat mitzvah, Jeanette was professional, helpful, creative, passionate and detail-oriented. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and countless vendors told me she is exceptionally lovely and thorough and they look forward to working with her on future events. She truly thought of every detail and was willing to work tirelessly to execute our family’s dream event.  Because of her hard work, we were able to be guests at the celebration and enjoy it without having to worry about a single thing!  If she is available for your event, book her immediately!   Any family would be lucky to work with such a dedicated, creative and lovely event planner!

Dina W. - UWS

Words cannot express how grateful we are to Jeanette for planning a beautiful and meaningful celebration for our daughter’s bat mitzvah. Jeanette thought of every detail, listened to every request and made every member of our family feel special. We could not have asked for more or better - the event was perfect and she is such a pleasure to work with! We are already thinking ahead to our son’s bar mitzvah in 2024!

Charles C. - UES

We are so lucky to have found Jeanette to guide us through the process of pulling together what turned out to be an outstanding Bar Mitzvah for our son, Jack. Jeanette completely understood us and kept us on track with the decision making and represented us perfectly with all of our vendors. She is remarkably resourceful and available with a plethora of ideas but most importantly she’s totally on-point when it comes to getting it done! We are confident that Jeanette always had our best interests in mind when making recommendations—of which she had many impeccable choices. The venue and vendors also loved working with her making everything a smooth experience. We highly recommend Jeanette and honestly would not use anyone else! Thanks so much Jeanette. Looking forward to the next one.

Danielle S. - UWS

Jeanette at RubyMax Events was the consummate professional and lovely!
She came on board to work with me at the very beginning of the Bat Mitzvah
prep for my daughter’s event.  From the very beginning she had everything
organized and taken care of which set the tone for the whole experience and time. 
She was always available, responsive and calm!  I cannot imagine having accomplished the Bat Mitzvah for my daughter without her!  From the first day to the day of she was wonderful.  I cannot recommend her and her company enough and look very forward to more celebrations with her.

Deborah B. - UWS

If we were asked to describe Jeanette in one word it would be “lifesaver.”  Due to COVID we got off to a very late start planning our daughter’s bat mitzva. It was our oldest child, and we didn’t know what to expect or what to do.  Fortunately, one of our friends recommended that we contact Jeanette.  It is hard to explain how much work Jeanette did on the event she put together. Our daughter has Celiac so we wanted a menu that would include only food that was gluten free.  We wanted a party that the kids would enjoy.  We wanted to keep the budget reasonable…….and on an on our list went with things that were must haves and not only that the size of our party kept going.   Further, our daughter who was now going to her friends’ bar and bat mitzvas continuously came home with new requests.  Through this entire process Jeanette patiently worked on planning, adjusting the plan, talking us through issues and concerns, being part party planner and part party therapist.  When the big day came she was at the venue making sure everything went as smooth as possible.  The day was spectacular and our daughter was beyond thrilled with how it went, which is really what matters.  We honestly don’t know what we would have done without Jeanette, but we do now one thing, we know we want her working with us when we do our next daughter’s bat mitzva.  She is a not only a fabulous party planner, she is a life saver. 

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